Kids yoga PDF Class Plan

There Was An Old Lady Who Lived On A Farm

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A kids yoga PDF class plan
(ideal for experienced yoga instructors)

There Was An Old Lady Who Lived On A Farm will introduce you to a little old lady and her wacky farm in the Australian bush. She’ll have you slithering like a snake,  wobbling like a wombat and jumping like a kangaroo. Get ready for the end, you won’t believe where you’ll end up!

This is a high energy kids yoga class with an imaginative focus on animals. 

How does it work?

You know that kids love stories, right? And did you know that if you replace the pictures on the pages of a book with the power of your voice and some movement, kids will stay engaged for longer than they would sitting with a book? So at GOYOkids we decided to blend storytelling and movement to get more kids doing more yoga.  

What do I get?

You’ll get a PDF download in your inbox. This PDF comes complete with written text of the story and illustrated poses. You’ll already know the poses from your teacher training, so all you need to do is read over the story a few times, and get to know the pose names we’ve come up with. Where possible, we've added the sanskrit names too.