Kids Yoga Audiobook

The Wind In The Willows

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A kids yoga audiobook
(ideal for educators, teachers and parents, no experience necessary!)

Based on the well loved classic "The Wind In The Willows" by Kenneth Grahame, this kids yoga story will introduce you to the charming characters Mole and Rat. You'll travel with them down the river on a boat, meet their good friend Toad and even ride in his racing car! 

This kids yoga story is invigorating and warming. 

What do I get?

Click below to listen to a sample of this story!

In this product you'll get a 15 minute audio file and a “glance sheet”; a PDF which you can use to guide yourself through the poses. All our stories come with 1 minute of delightful introduction music to give you time to get ready to listen, and 1 minute at the end to send you happily onto the next activity for the day!

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So who’s the instructor?

You! Well, partly.

Start by looking over the glance sheet so you have an idea of the poses in the story. Then just hit play on the audio file and let us do the talking! With the added benefit of a verbal description of the poses in the audiobook, all you need to do is encourage the children to copy what you do with your body.