We know families are children’s first, and most influential teachers.
That’s why we give educators and families the opportunity to work together to use our kids yoga audiobooks both at home and in their early childhood setting.
We can add at-home access for families of early childhood centres and primary schools subscribing to GOYOkids to help encourage continuity of care between home and school and to get kids doing yoga and hearing stories more often! 
This means GOYOkids supports an early childhood centre's compliance with the EYLF Principle 2: Partnerships; to explore daily opportunities for all children to learn from active participation in yoga and storytelling experiences.
What is GOYOkids?
It’s kids doing yoga and having fun. It’s an opportunity for anyone to do basic yoga and interact with your child(ren) by listening to a story, in your lounge room, at the park or on a play date - you choose!
Press PLAY below to sample a kids yoga audiobook now!
Sounds good, tell me more. 
Well, you already read stories to your children, and GOYOkids begins with that. We adapt children’s books into kids yoga stories to bring that storytelling to life with yoga based movements. Then we make it really easy for you to lead, by offering these stories as audio books complete with full description of the yoga movements. All you need to do is follow a simple pose sheet so the children can copy what you do with your body.
But I’m not a yoga teacher?
No worries. You don’t need to be. We have an experienced kids yoga teacher on board at GOYOkids who carefully selects all the poses listed in our stories to ensure they are safe and suitable for the ages recommended.
What age are these stories suitable for?
All our kids yoga stories are best suited to children aged 3-8 years. 

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