We love yoga for kids (and we’re sure you will too!)

We believe in imaginations that never end.

We believe in mum’s and dad’s. Each and every one.

We believe in children, they remind us how to play.

We believe in fun. And lots of it!

We believe in educators they change the world every single day.

We believe in telling stories; the oldest form of education.

We believe in stretching, it just feels so good!


Meet The Team


Rebecca Schafer
Co-Founder and Chief Yogi

Nancy Lawford-Miles
Co-Founder and Creative Developer

Rebecca lives in Wollongong, NSW with her husband and four young children. Rebecca is a professionally trained kids yoga instructor. She has taught kids yoga through the magic of storytelling at various early childhood centres and is passionate about connecting imagination and movement in children.

Nancy was born in the UK and moved to Sydney in 2006 where she now lives with her husband and two young boys. Nancy works with preschool children facilitating sensory play through classes that stimulate children socially, emotionally and creatively.