Top 10 FREE kids yoga games

Here is a list of our top 10 picks for useful, fun and FREE yoga and movement games for you to add to your bag of goodies.

Every kids yoga teacher needs a few good yoga games when teaching classes for kids. Of course, we love telling stories when teaching kids yoga, but we are under no false illusion that sometimes kids just need to get out the pom poms and start racing!

We'd even say every early childhood educator and primary school teacher need them too to integrate with their mindfulness and yoga brain breaks. Some take only a few minutes and are great to use to refocus a group. Others are longer and can fill an full brain break. Hey, why not even fill a kids yoga class full of games? 

Many of these games need only your imagination to get started! So go on, get going!

      1. Mountain Range by Yogi Times
      2. Yoga Story Stones by GOYOkids
      3. Yogi Says by The Yoga Classroom
      4. Pom Pom Races by Frugal Fun for Boys & Girls
      5. Floating Feathers by GOYOkids
      6. Obstacle Course by The Kids Yoga Resource
      7. Superhero Hop by Pink Oatmeal
      8. Sandwich Race by Cosmic Kids
      9. Musical Hearts by No Time For Flash Cards
      10. Sleeping Sleeping, all the Children are Sleeping by Your Therapy Source


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