FREE Under the sea themed yoga brain break

You're on board with all the latest research that shows many benefits to including mindfulness, meditation and relaxation practices in our day.


But how can you easily, and effectively, add it to a child's day?

Try playing this under-the-sea-themed yoga video to start the day.

It has 5 simple, but fun animal yoga poses to copy and repeat as many times as you like, and will give you and the kids a great opportunity to let your imaginations run wild by adding your own storyline!

No matter how children respond to the mindfulness practices we offer them, the key is to afford them the free time to figure out whatever it is that will bring them feelings of calm.

Maybe it’s lying on the ground watching the clouds, maybe it’s playing with Lego, maybe it’s this yoga video?

Providing them with a chance to discover what it is that brings their minds a sense of stillness, is something I promise to help you to be mindful about. 

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