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This is your place for fun stuff from the HQ of GOYOkids. Think of this as the door you open for your regular dose of inspiration, ideas, tips, tricks and fun!

A Bucket Full of Fun is a blog for mums, dads, carers, educators, teachers & kids yoga instructors. We are committed to providing you with interesting and relevant storytelling, kids yoga and teaching related content that is useful and enjoyable. This is the scene where you can imagine, laugh, relax, create and have fun - all in the name of your yogini's (we like to use this word more affectionately than it's true meaning to sum up your calm, controlled and creative kids!).

Stay tuned for our first delivery of a fun, simple craft to inspire your yogini's to create their own stories and get moving while they do it. Perfect for the spring school holidays!


This is the entirely real story of GOYOkids. Once upon a time, the lives of a kids yoga teaching mum (Rebecca) and a friend and creative mumpreneur (Nancy), collided in such a delightful way. Together they created GOYOkids, which offers an extensive range of affordable, premium quality learning resources to lead and inspire more kids to move their bodies more often, and learn to be in control of their developing minds. Want to know more? Read the full story here.

GOYOkids founders: A bucket full of fun BLOG

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