Spending hours documenting? 5-step yoga for educators to combat poor posture

You've had a fabulous day with the children.

The sun has been shining, you've played in the sandpit, created artworks, enjoyed a new book for story time, shared delicious lunches, the list of fun educational times goes on. 

Then there's the days documentation. 


And it's one of the most common frustrations for educators. 

Reflections, day books, observations....

It all mounts. Into a big pile of paperwork waiting for your attention.

Every day. 

It can feel never ending. And it's done sitting on tiny chairs, hunching over a laptop or curled forward with a pen in hand.

I can't stop the documentation but I can help you to increase the strength in your chest which makes improving your posture when you sit on those tiny chairs far more effective!

Improving your posture can help to increase focus and reduce fatigue, and we all know those are two things you need to stay on top of when faced with a pile of paperwork.

Try these 5 dynamic yoga poses to both stretch and strengthen the chest muscles, and combat the poor posture that comes from hours of documentation.

I promise, you'll end the day feeling stronger and more upright, and in time, those hours spent completing documentation won't seem as bad as they once did. 

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