5 Fun Breathing Exercises for Kids

Has anyone ever suggested you "take a deep breath"?

It’s a simple, yet wonderful suggestion.

But, it’s often easier said than done. Especially for children. That's why it's great to practice this, seemingly obvious skill, from a young age. 

And we've made it fun!

As humans, we all have a suitcase full of emotions that can pop out when we least expect it.

When you learn that your breath is intimately connected to your emotional wellbeing, you have a tool to help control that suitcase full of emotions. If we can teach the power of this tool to children (lets call it a superpower!), their tool kit of life skills will grow, allowing them to better navigate their lives and the emotions that come with it.

You can find these five simple but fun breathing techniques for kids in The Preschoolers Wellbeing Kit™


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