We empower educators to teach kids yoga - even if they’ve never done yoga before.

Sample a kids yoga audiobook

Looking for a new activity for Munch and Move?

We adapt favourite children's stories and transform them into kids yoga audiobooks retold with a twist, or a bend, or a balance, and always a giggle.

Each yoga story is lovingly crafted by our in-house kids yoga instructor and is perfectly suited for preschoolers.

Our brand of kids yoga is light-hearted and full of creativity, with an added touch of tai chi and a moment of mindfulness to help kids be focussed and in control (and maybe a bit stretchy!).

Get started right here with the perfect combination of kids yoga and storytelling


Wondering what to get the wonderful teachers at your preschool to thank them for the amazing care they’ve given your child/ren? Why not get your community together and pay it forward to the next group of preschoolers. Grab a bunch of families from your centre and gift a subscription of GOYOkids yoga audiobooks to thank the educators and to start a lifelong love of yoga for kids.

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"The children loved it! The 4-5 year old room were much more calm and focused after participating in the 'I'm a little tea pot' story.
Thank you GOYOkids"

Cherry Blossom Early Learning Centre, Leura

"Thank you to GOYOKids for creating such a great resource for children of all ages. The children each responded well, we had such a great time and are so excited to try the different stories you have available."

Alicia K. (Nominated Supervisor, Kindy Korner Children's Services)

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